Women’s Day

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The idea was born in the early twentieth century, this event has become a tradition in the world after 1945.

Formalized in 1977 by the UN, the celebration was meant to be a key to empowerment and women’s rights.

In this March 8th 2014, the Women’s Day is more than a century.

We could award her the key to longevity but can we be proud of the respect accorded to this special day?

7 billions of humans on earth, about half are women.

Écolières Indiennes

3.5 billions women: how many are respected? How many are considered, protected?

How many of women are abused verbally, physically, psychologically, at work, in the street or the subway and within their homes?

Will we build 365 Women’s Day each year?

Our paradigm shows us the women conditions in western modern countries, countries of human rights in which March 8th is being used on marketing purpose.

But what about the rest of the world, especially in countries at war?

What can we do for the Women’s Day 2014?

In 2014, there are 232 millions Twitter members, at least half of them are women – 116 millions subscribers.

Will there be 116 millions of tweets for this article, to show that we care about the condition of all women, especially those who do not tweet?

1.23 billions Facebook subscribers, it means 600 millions women.

600 millions of likes for women who are not on Facebook, so they can feel that we support them?

We wish you a happy Women’s Day 🙂

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