Love is stronger than hate

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Paris, January 20th 2015
I read an article draft began on December 9th 2014.
I am moved, I would never have imagined to write an almost premonitory article, and nevertheless.
The murders committed in Paris, Montrouge and Vincennes at the beginning of January, show us that that the game is far from over.
We will have to rethink the way we give love around us.
Anyone who is not hateful has the ability to be loved, so let’s change the way we look upon those we thought not to like.

If they have nothing to be hated, we shall love them.
The draft article I mentioned earlier, here it is reworked while keeping the frame.

Lovelocks from the Pont des Arts in Paris

For those who discover the « concern« , I explain it.
The Pont des Arts is a pedestrian walkway listed historical monument.
It steps over the Seine between the 6th and the 1st district of Paris.
It is a romantic place, appreciated by the Parisian lovers and people of passage.
In recent years, as in other capitals of the world, the lovelocks invaded the romantic places, hanging on and agglutinating by thousands everywhere where a grip is available.
It is not a matter here of expressing my opinion on the subject, each having himself an opinion of his own and justifiable.
That said, it is found that the locks are metal and their accumulation endangers the bridge structure.
Indeed, when a lovelock finds no more place to hang on to the very wire netting, it finds the ring of a padlock already in position as support of catcher and becomes in its turn a providential place for the following ones.
Added to each other, the total weight would be around 50 tons.
But as you can always hang a lovelock on a lovelock, the 50 tons can quickly turn into 100 and 150, etc.
Just like the proliferation of bacteria or fungus: if we do not take measures of eradication, the phenomenon will early have made colonize the whole bridge, by touching the upstream lock and downstream.
What takes a catastrophic form for the structure of the bridge is, if we look under an optimistic angle, a huge outbreak of love.
Is not love that would save the world in front of the hatred?
If love becomes enlightened and grows when we share it, it must be encouraged.
Paris is the world capital of romance, love and peace, isn’t it? 😉
The fabulous energy which emanates from it has to be at the origin of movements spreading out worldwide and sowing peace, kindness, security to stifle malice, horror and war.
For my part, in an idealistic and artistic initiative, I began to subtract in the Pont des Arts some old lovelocks which I am capable of opening delicately (with love) with the antic keys of Le cléateur.
This, with the aim of returning them to their owners who would be much pained to learn that the symbol of their love is gone to the cast iron to be recycled in manhole cover, in super tanker shell or missile.
Some padlocks are very recognizable, engraved with names, dates and messages sometimes extremely touching. Other padlocks are massive and worked; they can weigh near a kilo.

Paris love padlock

Paris love padlock

I am happy to have saved them by subtracting them from the savagery of disk cutters and crowbars of the municipal officers asked to clear up.
Today, I would wish that the City of Paris opens me the doors of the warehouses where it stored all which was already unsettled, to pursue my rescue mission and forward love all around the world.
I invite everyone, wheter you’re French or touriste to work with me; combine our energies to save the love and bridges.
If you know journalists to whom I could tell my story, I am interested.
If you know someone working in the City of Paris susceptible to listen to me, I am interested too.
When we make good deeds, the whole universe benefits from it.
“Hatred ever kills, love never dies.”

Le cléateur

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